Guide for busy people



This post is for all people who are just so busy and cannot accomplish everything they want.
In the last few weeks I’m preoccupied with school, I barely lift my head up from the book. My english contest is soon so i have to prepare that too. I’m so stressed. Over that i have been ill for a whole week, and i have problems with my so-called friend. I can’t bear it anymore.
I really do not have much free time and I am always tired.




These feelings made me create simple guide for busy people, because I know it must be even harder to ones who have jobs and kids and a lot more than I do.
I think the problem is organizing time, because that’s mine. I can’t align my obligations. NEVER.


The steps are:

First, and I think the most important step is to GET SOME SLEEP EVEN FOR 30 MINUTES. It helps a lot if you want your obligations to be done in time and with attention.


Second, you eat good when you have a lot to do. One good meal is especially important when you’re having a tough day. 
*Side note: It’s always good to have some snacks in the bag wherever you are.




Third, do not afraid to take a break, you’ll make it all in time, but not if you do not leave your brain without any thoughts for 5 minutes.


Fourth, listen to some music, whatever genre makes you feel happy. When you feel relaxed and happy, it is much easier to focus on working.


And fifth, take time for yourself, one day in the week you can take a long bubble bath with a little wine instead of quick shower. You would feel like you can do anything all over again.


I realized that it is much better if you take an afternoon nap before working because tired you can’t do much. I tried to work without it, and I ended up sleeping with a book instead of a pillow.




This highschool life can be tough sometimes. And how it will be when I grow up and find a job – I can only imagine.
And I hope I will learn by then how to organize my time.

Weekly photo challenge: It’s easy being green!

It IS Easy Being Green!  is this week’s challenge.

Green is so beautiful color, so calming and satisfying.

I did not realize that I have so much pictures of nature, green nature.

Here is just a piece of it.

Weekly photo challenge: ATOP

When i saw that the weekly challenge is Atop, my instant thought was

I’m on top of the world, ‘ey
I’m on top of the world, ‘ey

Been dreaming of this since a child
I’m on top of the world

Imagine Dragons are perfect in this situation.

I’m not on the top of the world, but where i am now is enough.

I have picures of my small town from atop. I like to take a pictures of this town even tho I do not like it so much.

My picture 🙂

It has its own quallities and beauty.

Bor in the night.  Source

The reason i don’t like it so much is that it’s very small. I’m seeing same people every day, i’m walking in the same streets, and it gets kinda boring. I crave for bigger cities and the whole new mass of people , but it is how it is. I still love my town no matter what.

Weekly photo challenge: Wish!

What is my biggest Wish? Tough question, I have to admit. I’ve always wanted to be successful when I grow up. I wanted to go to a good college and to find a job that suits me. I want to get away from my little town and live in a big city like New York,  Los Angeles, or just to be there for a while, for a couple of days. But those are hopes and dreams that do not come easily.

But, I little more love wishes that could come true in a short time.


I adore sky, especially in the night. I love clouds and stars. I enjoy watching the sky so much I could do it all day and even more!


My wish is to be able to witness the magnificent colors and patterns on the sky and to capture them. I want to collect and keep them in my memory so they can stay there forever.


I often stay up till dawn just because I want to see what kind of clouds are in the sky at that moment. And I have to say that it’s the pleasure seeing beauty of the nature always, even if you can barely keep your eyes open.

Source: _myescape99

My wish is also to find one friend who loves the sky as much as I do, so we can stay up all night and look at it with joy.

Happy Women ‘s Day! 

My beautiful women, be happy on this special day because you deserve it! 

This day is all about giving and getting presents like chocolate, flowers, chocolate, cakes and more chocolate. It’s just great because everyone takes care of you.

Today my school principal canceled our last period and our teachers were so nice so we didn’t do anything. 

That is really cool, but women  still deserve attention every single day of the year. So my message to men and to all people is: Respect your woman. She is precious person and deserves to be treated like a Queen! 

Weekly photo challenge: The road taken

In my life I haven’t travelled a lot. I went to a few beautiful places but I still take the best pictures in my town.

One day I was walking home from school. It was a rainy day. And what’s better than taking pictures of rain drops?

It was late autumn and I was taking a picture of yellow leaves, sky, winter green trees, but I got fascinated by this pink bush. It’s so beautiful!

This is my The Road Taken picture.


I love to say that life is made from little things, and this is one of them. I love my phone because it’s making very cute pictures.

Little things make our lives complete

It’s beginning of the March and the winter is almost gone! Weather is so beautiful and we can take off our winter jackets for a while – FINALLY.

I’m trying to use this kind of weather to the maximum. It’s sunny, warm for this time of year and a great opportunity to hang out with your friends!


I recently met one guy from my school who is a little asocial. But it’s because just some people can understand him. I’m so happy that I’m one of them.

I’m the kind of person who will try to make everyone smile, I just do not let anyone to be sad in front of me, because I love to be the reason of people’s smile. I think that’s because I’m really positive person and a few days ago i got a compliment that I am like a spring. That’s the most beautiful thing someone can say to you, it’s amazing.


The thing with this friend of mine is that he is really dark person, he is so emotional and sad, but he tries to hide it with dark humor. He has problems in his family, he is gay and he is in a really hard position, especially in our small town. My two best friends an I decided to change that. We want to make him happy, and it’s our mission to show him that we love him and that he is worth of our attention. I guess that’s the way it’s gonna get easier for him to fight with his thoughts when he’s alone.

Today we dragged him out of the house and we were taking a long walk around the whole town. We went on the highest place from where you can see the whole town, we were out all day and we felt so beautiful and peaceful. We were taking pictures of the nature, sky, small things and everything that we found interesting. It was great.

Because of that I love to say little things make our lives complete. Not big, or materialistic but little things like walk in the afternoon with your best friends, nature and fresh air.

I  really believe that we can save our friend, he got under our skin right away! So we want to make him happy as much as we can and he have to know that we want him in our squad, he makes us laugh and makes us great with his uniqueness. Wish us luck! 🙂

All the bright places

You know the feeling when you start reading some book and you think that it’s going to have a happy end (at least you hope so)? Well, that’s great, isn’t it?

And do you know the feeling when you cry your eyes out in the end of the book because it is just too sad? That happened to me. I can’t remember when was the last time i cried trough like last 5 chapters of the book. It really sucks, but it makes you do something, like it made me.

I just finished reading it today, and it made me write about it.

You all know book The Fault In Our Stars, right? We all cried while we were reading a book or watching a movie because it’s a love story where one dies at the end because of illness. This book i read has story which is similar to that.

All the Bright Places is a story of a boy called Finch and a girl named Violet.

The story about a girl who learns to live from a boy who wants to die.


Finch meets Violet on top of a school bell tower, where he intends to jump and kill himself but ends up saving Violet from killing herself. And that’s where their story begins.

I don’t wanna give any spoilers because you NEED to read the whole book, but in the end Finch is killing himself, and it shows another problem of our community.

He feels lonely, rejected, like he does not belong to his society, he is problematic because other schoolmates made him like that by their mocking and underestimation, but when he met Violet he felt like he belonged somewhere for once in life – he belonged to HER.

But wait, i don’t want to tell you the whole story. I said: YOU NEED TO READ THE BOOK

I want to talk about a large number of suicides that are committed  and how young people suffer and go through hard stuff in their heads just because they do not have appropriate person to talk to, just like Finch. His family didn’t even visit his room every once in a while, his father treated him like garbage, his peers called him weird, so what’s left for him?

According to Bullying Statistics site:

In this world too many adults still see bullying as “just part of being a kid”.


The statistics on bullying and suicide are alarming:

  • Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people, resulting in about 4,400 deaths per year, according to the CDC. For every suicide among young people, there are at least 100 suicide attempts. Over 14 percent of high school students have considered suicide, and almost 7 percent have attempted it.
  • Bully victims are between 2 to 9 times more likely to consider suicide than non-victims, according to studies by Yale University
  • A study in Britain found that at least half of suicides among young people are related to bullying
  • 10 to 14 year old girls may be at even higher risk for suicide, according to the study above
  • According to statistics reported by ABC News, nearly 30 percent of students are either bullies or victims of bullying, and 160,000 kids stay home from school every day because of fear of bullying

Don’t you think that is sad? A lot? Unnecessary?

Yeah, i think so too.

This world should have much more people who are right for teens and willing to help them, world should pay attention on youth because young people are future. And what will this world do if number of suicides between young people becomes larger?


Finch had his own psychologists, but he didn’t want him to know all of his feelings. He often lied to him and told him that everything was fine, that he was fine. But in reality, it wasn’t. He was used to rejection by other people and he didn’t feel the need of talking.

One day, he had ran away from home, and few weeks after that he drowned looking for the bottom of the Blue Hole (you’ll know what i’m talking about when you read it). And the worst of all, Violet finds him dead there, and the whole scene is just too hard for imagining. That’s the reason i cried so much. As a matter of fact i’m still crying. I can’t accept the fact that he’s gone, that he left his family, his Violet who loved him. I just can’t. I connected with this book so much that i read it in one breath. I was a ghost among them in all of their adventures, i was enjoying with them. I was pretty sure that they were going to have happy end. But life is so cruel. He thought that no one is going to be sad or to even notice when he’s gone, but he made a mistake. The whole school was sad, all teachers, students, his parents, all that he knew were sad. He was remembered as a Weird Finch, and they all cried after him.

I cannot stop thinking about people who committed suicide. I just feel need to make them important somehow. They deserve it. This book absolutely changed my view of the world. I want to let all the people who have this kind of thoughts know that THEY ARE NOT ALONE.





Thing that made me cry even harder is that at the end of the book there is a page with all numbers, emails and addresses of all mental health clinics in my country, and above all that,there was a big title: REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Situation that inspired Jennifer Niven to write this beautiful book, this masterpiece, was just the situation Violet was in. She found a person that she loved so much dead one day, and she went trough hard trauma, and i’m glad that she took all of the strength she needed to create this book. I think she’s going to change a lot of lives, like she changed mine. 

Song of the day: ROCKABYE

Song that has a beautiful melody, but if you pay attention on lyrics it sends important message and supports single mothers!

I absolutely adore this song! I mean, i had liked it before i realized what it is about. But that time when i really heard the lyrics i cried very hard and i just couldn’t stop listening to it. The song won my heart immediately because i understand the struggle of a single mother.


I know i am only 17 years old, but i have grown up without my “father”, and i totally respect all single moms out there.

My parents divorced when i was 8 months old, and my mom had been going through very rough times back then. I was just a little baby and she had her own demons to fight. How the time was passing by, she got through it and became a wonderful mother to me. I was really happy kid with her, i didn’t need father because she was enough. Really important thing is that she had support from her parents the whole time, and she still does.

I am now straight A student, with good behavior and my own person with strong character, and she taught me all. I am a lot like her, we have the same eyes, face, we talk at the same way, use the same words – just very look alike. I am proud of that.


Her struggle through the years was the fact that i’m going to grow up without a “father”. And i told her once that it doesn’t really matter because i will rather live just with her than in the whole “family” who doesn’t do anything but arguing. And that is the most important thing.


It’s hard for one single mother to raise a child all by her own. It takes guts to do that, really. There are money problems, problems with people – everyone is watching down on you because you don’t have a man by yourself, they tend to humiliate you and to consider you as object, and that’s not right because WOMEN ARE NOT SEXUAL OBJECTS and i cannot believe that we need Women’s March to prove that.


One thing that is not clear for me is why people think that woman without a man is not capable of doing anything? Excuse me, but HOW? I have a real example right by my side. My mother IS CAPABLE of doing anything, and i’m glad that she learned me to be like that too.


The song Rockabye is about mother who works as a stripper just to raise her kid how it’s right. It shows the struggle of all the single mothers who are ready to do anything for their child – that’s the part where i found my mother. I was watching her fight for me this 17 years, and my father wasn’t there for us at all. She was going through thick and thin and i will help her from now on. I am big girl now, i have grown up a lot, and i will do anything to make her happy just like she made me all this years.

Problems with young generations

Not that older generations have better qualities than young people, but the fact is: WE ARE RUINED BY TECHNOLOGY.

Every book i read about future shows that our planet will have robots, computers and smart technology to rule the whole world. Not one of those books showed the nice picture of future, but they showed the picture of war. And why is that? Is it really how we’re all going to end up?

Books like Divergent, The Hunger GamesReady Player One are really good, but i hope that is not how the world is going to look like.

Future technology


I really started to worry that time when i had had a nice “Girls’ night out” with three friends of mine.

We went to a cafe on a Sunday night, ordered our coffee and started playing cards that we brought from home. We had the best time, and we weren’t checking our phones at all.


My friends are 21, 20 and 18 years old, and i’m 17.


Okay, that isn’t so bad, but all of the other people were younger than us and they acted like they were much older. They were smoking, drinking alcohol, playing pool so violently (i really do not know to describe it differently), and spending most of their time looking at cellphones.

You’ve heard about that new thing on Instagram, live video on Instagram stories, right? That became viral trend, so everyone has to try it, of course.


In the cafe were three other girls that sat near us. They spent their whole evening broadcasting video of themselves sitting in the cafe. I would have understood if they had been video blogging, or something like that. But what is the purpose of filming your duck face, showing peace sign on camera, and just filming your face not doing anything important, not even talking? I mean, WHO WATCHES THAT? Do people really don’t have better things to do?

While my friends and I were laughing so hard, that we were the loudest in the room, they were watching us like we were odd and like we don’t fit into their crowd. And they were right. I don’t want to fit in. I want to stand out of their crowd, i don’t want to live life that is watched on social media. I cannot be judged by them.

It is sad, really sad that everything has to depend on social media. I accept the fact of using that in a good way. But overusing it? It’s just stupid, we are turning into stupid and cruel people.

Another stupid situation was when one girl from my school sent her nude photos to her boyfriend. Till the end of the day every person in school (and beyond that) had seen those photos. Just imagine how that girl was feeling. (I’m not defending girl for sending those photos, but her boyfriend is responsible for her shame as much as her.) The modern society ruined young people, for real.

I know that technology is future, and that in one hand, it really is a good thing, but kids spend too much of their time with that technology. Instead of playing with their friends outside, they are playing some violent computer game that affects their behavior. You all know side effects of that. That’s why our playgrounds are nowadays empty.