Give Hip-Hop a chance

When you hear HIP-HOP, what is first that comes to your mind?


I guess you thought of violence, aggressiveness, bad influence, doing drugs or what not…

I agree that some songs really affect bad on people or make them feel nervous, but not all of them are like that. Very small amount of people believes that this kind of music can be real relaxation. 

I truly love this music. Not because i’m some rebel, but because through songs i can really feel emotions of the artist, and in that way i can connect with the lyrics (not every song promotes drug abuse).


When i googled “what people think about hip hop music“, the first thing that popped up was 25 Things Everyone Thinks About Hip-Hop (But Nobody Will Say) . And guess what? ALL 25 THINS WERE BAD.

Is it really that hard to look on hip-hop from a brighter side?

Yeah, probably is.

In the 4th place is thing that

A lot of famous rappers don’t write their own rhymes.

Okay, but what about those who do?



For example G-Eazy  (my personal favorite), wrote his last album by himself expressing his deepest emotions, thoughts and, the most important and fascinating, things that really happened to him. A song like that is Everything Will Be OK ft. Kehlani. It’s really little personal story of his life that have to make someone cry. The fact is, G-Eazy often cries when he is rapping it on concerts.



And i understand him, i would have cried too if i had rapped about something tough that happened in my life. It’s very hard to grow up just with a mother, to watch her have a girlfriend and to find that girlfriend dead on the floor. So do not tell me all of hip hop songs are promoting drugs an violence.

In that kind of songs i find relaxation.

Second, very important thing is the melody of the song. Despite harsh and curse words, “a violent impact”, this songs really do have very nice and, in some way, clean melody.


I mean, just listen to this instrumental, stop everything, stop reading and listen to this with your headphones

You just have to turn your speakers up to the highest sound, right?

That’s what i am talking about. The real emotions, the feel when your heart starts to beat faster as the song comes up.

On some forum i saw one guy who, on question What do you think of hip hop music? answered with 

Hip hop music really saved me. I’m a white kid from the suburbs but there’s something about the boom-bap that is hypnotic, powerful and addicting.

Some other guy said

That it’s one of the most complete genre of music that ever was, is or will be. It’s so diverse that people who are new to it just focus on the mainstream rap element and forget that it’s a culture that grows in you.

I think we need more people who think like that.

Give this music a chance, do not underestimate hip-hop, it has its own special values. 🙂



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