Problems with young generations

Not that older generations have better qualities than young people, but the fact is: WE ARE RUINED BY TECHNOLOGY.

Every book i read about future shows that our planet will have robots, computers and smart technology to rule the whole world. Not one of those books showed the nice picture of future, but they showed the picture of war. And why is that? Is it really how we’re all going to end up?

Books like Divergent, The Hunger GamesReady Player One are really good, but i hope that is not how the world is going to look like.

Future technology


I really started to worry that time when i had had a nice “Girls’ night out” with three friends of mine.

We went to a cafe on a Sunday night, ordered our coffee and started playing cards that we brought from home. We had the best time, and we weren’t checking our phones at all.


My friends are 21, 20 and 18 years old, and i’m 17.


Okay, that isn’t so bad, but all of the other people were younger than us and they acted like they were much older. They were smoking, drinking alcohol, playing pool so violently (i really do not know to describe it differently), and spending most of their time looking at cellphones.

You’ve heard about that new thing on Instagram, live video on Instagram stories, right? That became viral trend, so everyone has to try it, of course.


In the cafe were three other girls that sat near us. They spent their whole evening broadcasting video of themselves sitting in the cafe. I would have understood if they had been video blogging, or something like that. But what is the purpose of filming your duck face, showing peace sign on camera, and just filming your face not doing anything important, not even talking? I mean, WHO WATCHES THAT? Do people really don’t have better things to do?

While my friends and I were laughing so hard, that we were the loudest in the room, they were watching us like we were odd and like we don’t fit into their crowd. And they were right. I don’t want to fit in. I want to stand out of their crowd, i don’t want to live life that is watched on social media. I cannot be judged by them.

It is sad, really sad that everything has to depend on social media. I accept the fact of using that in a good way. But overusing it? It’s just stupid, we are turning into stupid and cruel people.

Another stupid situation was when one girl from my school sent her nude photos to her boyfriend. Till the end of the day every person in school (and beyond that) had seen those photos. Just imagine how that girl was feeling. (I’m not defending girl for sending those photos, but her boyfriend is responsible for her shame as much as her.) The modern society ruined young people, for real.

I know that technology is future, and that in one hand, it really is a good thing, but kids spend too much of their time with that technology. Instead of playing with their friends outside, they are playing some violent computer game that affects their behavior. You all know side effects of that. That’s why our playgrounds are nowadays empty.



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