Guide for busy people



This post is for all people who are just so busy and cannot accomplish everything they want.
In the last few weeks I’m preoccupied with school, I barely lift my head up from the book. My english contest is soon so i have to prepare that too. I’m so stressed. Over that i have been ill for a whole week, and i have problems with my so-called friend. I can’t bear it anymore.
I really do not have much free time and I am always tired.




These feelings made me create simple guide for busy people, because I know it must be even harder to ones who have jobs and kids and a lot more than I do.
I think the problem is organizing time, because that’s mine. I can’t align my obligations. NEVER.


The steps are:

First, and I think the most important step is to GET SOME SLEEP EVEN FOR 30 MINUTES. It helps a lot if you want your obligations to be done in time and with attention.


Second, you eat good when you have a lot to do. One good meal is especially important when you’re having a tough day. 
*Side note: It’s always good to have some snacks in the bag wherever you are.




Third, do not afraid to take a break, you’ll make it all in time, but not if you do not leave your brain without any thoughts for 5 minutes.


Fourth, listen to some music, whatever genre makes you feel happy. When you feel relaxed and happy, it is much easier to focus on working.


And fifth, take time for yourself, one day in the week you can take a long bubble bath with a little wine instead of quick shower. You would feel like you can do anything all over again.


I realized that it is much better if you take an afternoon nap before working because tired you can’t do much. I tried to work without it, and I ended up sleeping with a book instead of a pillow.




This highschool life can be tough sometimes. And how it will be when I grow up and find a job – I can only imagine.
And I hope I will learn by then how to organize my time.

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